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Abbey & Abbey, Consultants, Inc. specializes in healthcare consulting primarily in the areas of:

  • Payment Systems – Reimbursement Consulting
  • Delivery Systems – Organization Of Healthcare Delivery
  • Compliance – Developing Compliance Programs – Emphasis In The Coding, Billing and Reimbursement Areas

For over twenty-five years Abbey & Abbey, Consultants, Inc. has provided superior healthcare consulting services to hospitals, hospital systems, physicians, medical clinics and integrated delivery systems.

The services of AACI (Abbey & Abbey, Consultants, Inc.) involve:

  • Workshop and seminars on healthcare related issues
  • Presentations for various healthcare professional organizations, hospitals, clinics and hospital systems
  • We also provide direct consulting for our clients in thirty-eight states.
  • Also, ask about our Management and Computer Consulting Services.
  • Litigation support is provided for healthcare attorneys with Dr. Abbey serving as an expert witness.
  • Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) assessment and appeals support.
  • Analysis and utilization of the extrapolation process available to the RACs.

Learn more about our services by exploring this site, emailing or calling one of our offices listed below. contains information about our services in areas including our APC Integrity Program(sm), our compliance work, revenue enhancement services, HIPAA workshops and other areas of healthcare related interest. All of these services are available relative to the CMS Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) program.

For further information contact Duane C. Abbey, Ph.D., CFP by:
Telephone – 515-292-8650 or 515-232-6420
FAX – Available Upon Request

 Click Here For Workshops Scheduled for 2013.  Be certain to check back frequently because this schedule is being regularly updated.

Click Here For Class Schedule for 2014.  Workshops are currently being scheduled for 2014.  Check back regularly for updates as scheduling is accomplished.

Click Here For Class Schedule for 2015.  Workshops are currently being scheduled for 2015.  Check back regularly for updates as scheduling is accomplished.

To access the Medical Reimbursement Newsletter archives:  Medical Reimbursement Newsletter Archives

Click Here For Class Schedule for 2015.  Workshops are currently being scheduled for 2015.  Check back regularly for updates as scheduling is accomplished.

Click Here For Class Schedule for 2016.  Workshops are currently being scheduled for 2016.  Check back regularly for updates as scheduling is accomplished.

***Click Here For NOTICE Federal Register Comments***.  These are Dr. Abbey’s comments to the April 27, 2016 Federal Register concerning the NOTICE Act and the associated MOON form.

***Click Here For Section 603 BBA 2015 Comments***

These are Dr. Abbey’s comment to the July 14, 2016 Federal Register concerning the proposed implementation of Section 603 of BBA 2015 (Bipartisan Budget Act) concerning off-campus provider-based clinics/operations payment reduction starting January 1, 2017.


For information concerning APCs (Ambulatory Payment Classifications) and APGs (Ambulatory Patient Groups), Go To  You will also find information concerning the Provider-Based Rule (PBR) and all of the documents developed by CMS concerning provider-based status.


Two new curriculums have been developed.  Both of these are in the teleconference/webinar mode, one for RACs and another specially designed for Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs).  Go to RAC Curriculum or CAH Curriculum.


For more information on HIPAA, Go To AACI’s web site:


For information on any of the following texts, please contact


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To link to APCNow and the PBR Toolkit, click here APCNowPBRToolKit


Abbey & Abbey, Consultants, Inc.
AACI is a management and health care consulting firm.

Contact Information:
Abbey & Abbey, Consultants, Inc.
P.O. Box 2330
Ames, IA 50010-2330

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